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Suicide Pool Week Three Results - Week Four Signup

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And then there were two. After the Cardinals suffered an embarrassing sweep at the hands of the Tigers and Cyanotic Doc went AWOL, only Saydah and Benaiah remain in the chase for the Asian experience. So far, they've picked the same teams over and over. Eventually, that has to change.

Saydah: Red Sox, Braves, Tigers
Benaiah: Red Sox, Braves, Tigers

Will Saydah and Benaiah make a unique pick at some point? Find out soon.

These series can be picked for week four:
Astros at Pirates
Braves at Marlins
Nationals at Phillies
Rockies at Mets
Brewers at Cubs
Reds at Cardinals
Padres at Diamondbacks
Giants at Dodgers
Mariners at Rangers
Athletics at Orioles
Tigers at Angels
Blue Jays at Red Sox
Yankees at Devil Rays
Indians at Twins
White Sox at Royals