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Linear Weights Saturdays 4/21

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Player Value Added VA/PA
Jeff Kent 3.931 .060
Luis Gonzalez 2.587 .041
Russell Martin 2.414 .037
Wilson Valdez 2.402 .083
Nomar Garciaparra 1.383 .019
Matt Kemp .697 .044
Andre Ethier .453 .010
Brady Clark .350 .018
Olmedo Saenz -.422 -.042
Marlon Anderson -.757 -.095
Mike Lieberthal -1.572 -.175
Ramon Martinez -1.725 -.058
Juan Pierre -2.618 -.034
Rafael Furcal -2.856 -.077
Wilson Betemit -3.294 -.067

Luck: +2.82

I've added a new stat to linear weights, luck. Since linear weights is both a context free stat, and it track each different event on the field individually, it's the perfect stat for determining if a team is over performing or under performing offensively.

Linear weights is based on an environment where the average team scores 4.72 runs per game. If a team's linear weights total was zero, then they should have scored that 4.72 runs per game. Luck works by taking a teams linear weights total, dividing it by games played, then adding it to 4.72. You then multiply the number by the number of games played, and then subtract it from a teams actual runs scored. A positive number indicates that a team has scored more runs that it should have, and a negative number shows an unlucky team. In the Dodgers case, they've scored about three more runs than they should have this season.

As far as the actual linear weights numbers go, Jeff Kent and Juan Pierre were the big contributer for the Dodgers this week, contributing around 3.5 and 2.5 runs above average, respectively. Rafael Furcal was this weeks scapegoat, costing the team a little over three runs over the last seven games.