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Open Thread: Game 18 - Pittsburgh Pirates

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Chris Duffy CF .273/.355/.418
Jack Wilson SS .283/.338/.417
Freddy Sánchez 2B .278/.317/.389
Jason Bay LF .263/.364/.491
Adam LaRoche 1B .100/.250/.240
Xavier Nady RF .281/.328/.491
José Bautista 3B .288/.300/.441
Ronny Paulino C .196/.226/.235
Ian Snell P .167/.167/.167

LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .182/.250/.242
Juan Pierre CF .278/.303/.333
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .281/.333/.422
Jeff Kent 2B .333/.409/.491
Luis González LF .316/.381/.509
Russell Martin C .309/.385/.418
Andre Ethier RF .286/.326/.524
Wilson Betemit 3B .132/.286/.158
Brad Penny P .286/.286/.286

Pitching Matchup:

Ian Snell vs Brad Penny
1 W 3
1 L 0
1.80 ERA 0.89
20.0 IP 20.1
9 K/9 2.69
2.7 BB/9 3.58
0.45 HR/9 0

Brad Penny takes on Ian Snell, one of the few interesting players the Pirates have. Since the All Star Break last year, Snell has a K/9 over nine.

In stark contrast to this is Brad Penny's 2.69 K/9 over his first three starts. The Pirates are sixth in baseball in team strikeouts, so tonight would be a good night to get his strikeout rate to a not quite so alarming level.