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Open Thread: Game 21 - San Francisco Giants

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San Francisco

Randy Winn RF .214/.258/.286
Todd Linden CF .222/.300/.259
Rich Aurilia SS .314/.347/.443
Barry Bonds LF .333/.468/.771
Ray Durham 2B .277/.351/.415
Lance Niekro 1B .333/.429/.333
Pedro Feliz 3B .224/.255/.388
Bengie Molina C .288/.333/.458
Noah Lowry P .000/.000/.000

LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .170/.235/.213
Juan Pierre CF .279/.300/.326
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .311/.354/.446
Jeff Kent 2B .324/.388/.451
Luis González LF .313/.395/.507
Russell Martin C .323/.397/.477
Andre Ethier RF .240/.286/.440
Ramón E. Martínez 3B .185/.258/.222
Randy Wolf P .250/.455/.500

Pitching Matchup:

Noah Lowry vs Randy Wolf
1 W 3
2 L 1
2.70 ERA 3.38
20.0 IP 24.0
4.05 K/9 9.38
3.6 BB/9 2.25
0.45 HR/9 1.12

I'm not a huge fan of having Olmedo Saenz play third base, but since we're going to back to "Betemit needs a platoon partner", why not Olmedo? I can watch Olmedo walk up to the plate and think "this guy might hit a home run". Can't say that about any other Dodger. Does Ramon Martinez bring anything to the table other than defensive mediocrity?