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Hungry Like The Wolf

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Randy Wolf has been pretty darn good so far this season. He's given up a little too many bombs for my taste, but anyone who strikes out over a batter an inning with a four to one strike out to walk ratio is all right by me.

What's been rather bizarre is his inability to get out of the first inning quickly. Since his first start of the year, Wolf has had to work fairly hard at the game's outset, throwing at least 24 pitches in all but his first start.

Game One: 10 pitches, Hit By Pitch

Game Two: 38 pitches, Double, Single

Game Three: 24 pitches, Walk, Single

Game Four: 31 pitches, Two Singles, Walk

Game Five: 25 pitches, Three Singles, Home Run

Not drawing any conclusions from this, just thought it was interesting.