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Suicide Pool Week Four Results, Week Five Signups

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Benaiah and Saydah finally made unique picks last week, and what did it get 'em? Nothin'. Both the Yankees and the Dodgers got swept. So, we're going to do this again for all the marbles.

Saydah: Red Sox, Braves, Tigers, Yankees
Benaiah: Red Sox, Braves, Tigers, Dodgers

This week's eligible series:

Cubs at Pirates
Marlins at Mets
Phillies at Braves
Reds at Astros
Cardinals at Brewers
Nationals at Padres
Diamondbacks at Dodgers
Rockies at Giants
Blue Jays at Indians
Orioles at Tigers
Athletics at Red Sox
Twins at Devil Rays
Yankees at Rangers
Angels at Royals
White Sox at Mariners