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Open Thread: Game 23 - @San Diego Padres

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LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .211/.262/.246
Juan Pierre CF .263/.283/.305
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .293/.341/.415
Jeff Kent 2B .342/.420/.461
Luis González LF .297/.381/.473
Russell Martin C .338/.419/.507
Andre Ethier RF .246/.286/.491
Wilson Valdez 3B .303/.343/.424
Mark Hendrickson P .000/.000/.000

San Diego

Marcus Giles 2B .322/.365/.471
José Cruz LF .367/.456/.673
Brian Giles RF .304/.356/.391
Adrián González 1B .312/.369/.591
Khalil Greene SS .287/.326/.563
Josh Bard C .286/.310/.357
Mike Cameron CF .195/.276/.241
Kevin Kouzmanoff 3B .125/.197/.214
Clay Hensley P .250/.250/.250

Pitching Matchup:

Mark Hendrickson vs Clay Hensley
1 W 1
0 L 3
1.62 ERA 9.45
16.2 IP 20.0
7.22 K/9 3.6
1.11 BB/9 4.95
0.56 HR/9 0.9

Could this be the beginning of the end for Wilson Betemit? Despite reaching base twice last night and playing solid defense all season, he gets benched for Wilson "Disparaging Nickname" Valdez. I can't help but think that his strike out against Russ Ortiz last night might have been the breaking point. With Andy LaRoche eligible to be called up without burning a year of service time in a couple days, Betemit might have made his last start at third base for a while.

Or, he's just getting a semi-routine day off. Either way.

Mark Hendrickson is making yet another off his far too many starts for the Dodgers. Let's hope Clay Hensley continues to be as bad as he's been this April.