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Open Thread: Game 25 -@San Diego Padres

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LA Dodgers (14-10) vs. San Diego (13-11) 1:05pm


LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .200/.257/.231
Juan Pierre CF .282/.299/.330
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .311/.360/.433
Jeff Kent 2B .329/.402/.447
Luis González LF .272/.366/.432
Russell Martin C .321/.411/.487
Brady Clark RF .318/.375/.455
Ramón E. Martínez 3B .194/.257/.258
Derek Lowe P .143/.364/.143

San Diego

Marcus Giles 2B .309/.362/.447
José Cruz LF .352/.435/.685
Brian Giles RF .309/.376/.392
Adrián González 1B .317/.369/.574
Khalil Greene SS .283/.313/.554
Josh Bard C .333/.353/.424
Mike Cameron CF .204/.286/.247
Geoff Blum 3B .074/.133/.148
David Wells P .000/.000/.000

Pitching Matchup:

Derek Lowe vs David Wells
2 W 1
3 L 1
4.40 ERA 6.00
30.2 IP 21.0
5.07 K/9 5.14
4.47 BB/9 1.71
0.3 HR/9 0.86

Betemit is still sick, but will reportedly start Monday. In a development that really shouldn't surprise me, there's speculation that Mike Lieberthal may play a little bit at third. Lieberthal has never once played third base in the bigs. Heaven forfend we shift Nomar over to third and call up Loney, or bring in Andy LaRoche. No matter how little the Dodgers think of those guys right now, they have to be better than a guy who has never played third and whose bat is only an asset at backup catcher, right?

Russell Martin is starting a day game following a night game, Andre Ethier is being platooned with Brady Clark, and Luis Gonzalez slinks quietly in the shadows.