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Kemp To Start, Loney To Have Chemistry Issues

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Well, that certainly wasn't a good way to start the season, but I really don't mind, since Ben Sheets is awesome. The Brewers are sending Chris Capuano to the hill today, and while he is a very good pitcher, you can't make any argument that he's better than Johan Santana.

Steve Henson's notebook in the Times had a few interesting tidbits:

Matt Kemp will replace Andre Ethier tonight against the left handed Capuano. Grady Little said that this won't be a strict platoon, and he's taking it from day to day. If you don't know what that means, don't ask Andre Ethier, because he's not sure either. While I'm not a huge Ethier fan, he is the best outfielder the Dodgers have, and he showed he could hit lefties last year. Replacing Luis Gonzalez or Juan Pierre would have far greater dividends on a day to day basis.

Grady Little's rational that he told Henson is also a little disturbing (Kemp is 2 for 3 lifetime against Chris Capuano, Ethier is 0 for 3). If that is his actual reasoning, this could end up like one of those Jim Tracy platoons where Paul Bako gets to start because he got hits off a guy eight years ago. Well, not the same, since Kemp is, you know, good, but I still don't have to like the rational.

James Loney was very unhappy about being sent back to Las Vegas, and he let Grady Little and Ned Colletti know it. While normally I wouldn't mind this sort of thing, this seems strikingly similar to how Joel Guzman went from being "the future of the Dodgers" to "hopeless guy we traded to give us some infield depth" in the span of three months. Since I've just learned "The Secret" I'm going to say that's a one time thing. Now when are those checks going to start magically arriving in my mailbox...

In other news

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