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Suicide Pool Week One Results And Week Two Signups

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The first round of the suicide pool is now over.  Sadly we lost three people this week, and they will not get a chance to enjoy the Asian Experience.

A Man Called Brock (Astros)
Librarian (Diamondbacks)
C60 (Tigers)

The following seven people are eligible for the next week, listed along with the teams they have already picked.

Rich, Twins
Joesph, Brewers
Saydah, Red Sox
Benaiah, Red Sox
ngross, Marlins
Cyanotic Doc, Red Sox
Red Menace, Brewers

Get your picks in by the first pitch on Monday to be eligible for the next round. Here are the series you can choose from:

Mariners at Red Sox
Yankees at Twins
Angels at Indians
Royals at Blue Jays
Tigers at Orioles
Devil Rays at Rangers
White Sox at Athletics
Phillies at Mets
Cardinals at Pirates
Astros at Cubs
Rockies at Dodgers
Brewers at Marlins
Reds at Diamondbacks
Giants at Padres
Nationals at Braves

All of these are three game series.

Remember, you can't pick the same team twice. Good luck in round two.