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Minor League Notes

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Some interesting things from last night's minor league openers.

Scott Elbert looked good in his first start, walking only one and allowing no home runs. Since displayed zero control and constantly gave up bombs during last season's tour of AA, this is an encouraging sign.

Injury prone starting pitcher Justin Orenduff worked  two innings out of the bullpen. Right now, it is uncertain if this is a permanent change, since all the only news source I can find says he "eventually could join the rotation".

Fallen second base prospect Travis Denker broke his thumb last month, and no one really noticed. He may have gotten surgery last month, but there's really no place to get up to the minute Travis Denker news. He's currently on the DL.

Catcher Juan Apodaca, the one catcher of any notability at all in the Dodgers system, is not currently on any minor league roster, so I'm assuming he's hurt.

Carlos Santana made his first start at catcher last night for the Great Lakes Loons, in an attempt to give the organization more catching depth. The Dodgers also converted outfielder Lucas May on the Inland Empire 66ers.

Blake Dewitt started at third base for the 66ers which may mean his time at second could be over. It also means that he's going to need to start hitting far better than he has so far if he wants to keep his prospect status.

Clayton Kershaw walked six batters in two and a third innings in his debut for Great Lakes. Kershaw walked only five batters in 37 innings for the GCL Dodgers last year.

The Dodgers picked up former El Segundo and USC standout Alberto Concepcion to play backup catcher for the Jacksonville Suns. Concepcion got a ton of hype out of high school and OPSed 1.103 in his last year at USC. After struggling for three years in the Red Sox organization, he asked for his release and signed on with the Dodgers.

The Big Board is now up to date, but it will take me a couple weeks to work out things like starting rotations, and whether fringe players were released, or just on the DL.