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The Last Time I'll Complain About Wilson Valdez..For A While

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That didn't last long. After two starts against left handed pitching, Wilson Betemit is going to ride the pine against a lefty again so we can get Wilson Valdez's bat back into the lineup. Yes, he had a nice two days, but as Grant from McCovey Chronicles so eloquently put it "Wilson Valdez playing out of his freaking mind means everything in the short-term, but nothing in the long-term." Two good games does not mean you should start rearranging your lineup to get this mans stick in the starting nine. Let's go over some facts about Wilson Valdez:

His career major league line is .209/.250/.280 in 180 at bats

His career minor league line is .283/.330/.355 in 3557 at bats.

Valdez had a career year in AAA Las Vegas last year, where he hit .297/.366/.381. Valdez took full advantage of Vegas' friendly confines, where he hit .365/.434/.472. Once he got to parks with reasonable park factors, he hit only .238/.302/.295.

Basically, Valdez is a very replaceable player, and most organizations have several players just like Valdez. Case in point, the Dodgers just acquired Tomas Perez for absolutely nothing, and his career minor league .262/.326/.358 numbers are just as good as Valdez. This isn't like the Cody Ross situation where most teams would probably take a chance on a guy who can stand in center field and hit the occasional home run. I can't think of any team in baseball that would actually need Valdez, and this includes the Pirates, who are currently carrying someone named Don Kelly on the active roster.

Even if you must have Valdez's bat in the lineup, why is Ramon Martinez playing. He's hitting just as poorly as Betemit is, yet he's not subject to rash decisions?  I'd rather see Betemit at least get to hit against lefties than stick Ramon Martinez's known inability to hit at the hot corner.

Wilson Valdez's very recent success becomes even more concerning when Tony Jackson of the Daily News is mentioning that Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier could be sent down instead of Wilson Valdez. Hopefully this is just idle speculation and not something that Jackson received from a real source.

Then again, I said the exact same stuff about Marlon Anderson last year, and look at where it got him. Maybe I should just stop with this analysis thing and just wait for divine intervention. Heck we can just call up Joe Mays, watch him stumble through six innings of shutout ball, and canonize him too.