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First Aid

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Both Jason Schmidt and Matt Kemp had to leave today's home opener with various injuries. Kemp smacked his head and shoulder into the newly expanded scoreboards on the outfield walls, while Schmidt tweaked his hamstring by, I don't know, moving. Fortunately both seem to be okay, Schmidt was just dehydrated and Kemp will walk away with a bruise, so neither should much much, if any time.

What I found interesting was Matt Kemp's quote on the evening news.

"I just jumped and hit the wrong way, it probably could have happened with the pad. I'm not gonna make the excuse that it was the scoreboard but...I mean a wall is a wall, a wall is always going to win."

I don't know about you, but that sounds like the words of a man who wants to blame the scoreboard for his injury.

I also found Grady's quote on the newscast pretty funny: "losing is not an option". Grady is going to be upset often this season.