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Oh, Grady

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When I started blogging about the Dodgers two years ago, most of my posts consisted of me pointing out whatever terrible decision Jim Tracy had made in the previous game. Once Jim Tracy left us in the Fall of ought-five, these types of posts dried up. While at first I believed that I was maturing, today's game made me realize that if Jim Tracy were still managing the team today I would be doing the exact same thing.

With that in mind, how on Earth do you not walk Josh Willingham in a tie game in the bottom of the ninth with runners on second and third? I've put a lot of thought into this and I've it to come up with a good reason to go against conventional wisdom. Walking Willingham, an above average hitter, means you get to face Aaron Boone, who hasn't hit right handed pitching since 2003, and Joe Borchard, who wouldn't have a job on almost any other team. The walk also sets up both a double play, and a force out at home. If walking Willingham sends up both a weaker hitter and a more favorable situation on the base paths, why not do it.

Wait, I've got it. Josh Willingham wronged Derek Lowe's woman, and this was an epic display of manhood. Sadly, it's now Willingham 2, Lowe 0.


Oakland DH Jack Cust, who all stat guys are required by law to like, is performing like a parody of himself thus far in the bigs. In 15 at bats, he has four hits, three home runs, four walks and six strikeouts, good for a .267/.421/1.067 line. Cust's three homers would tie him for second in that category on the Dodgers.