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Open Thread: Game 36 - Cincinnati Reds

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Cincinnati (15-20) vs. LA Dodgers (20-15) 7:40pm



Norris Hopper CF .385/.385/.385
Brandon Phillips 2B .277/.331/.475
Ken Griffey Jr. RF .323/.436/.573
Jeff Conine 1B .259/.297/.466
Álex González SS .293/.346/.552
Adam Dunn LF .286/.384/.635
Juan Castro 3B .133/.188/.167
David Ross C .207/.228/.322
Bronson Arroyo P .105/.105/.105

LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .226/.305/.274
Juan Pierre CF .275/.306/.309
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .267/.315/.351
Jeff Kent 2B .298/.377/.446
Luis González LF .261/.364/.405
Russell Martin C .319/.387/.471
Andre Ethier RF .283/.330/.444
Andy LaRoche 3B .400/.588/.500
Randy Wolf P .154/.353/.308

Pitching Matchup:

Bronson Arroyo vs Randy Wolf
2 W 3
2 L 3
2.85 ERA 4.61
47.1 IP 41.0
6.69 K/9 9.66
2.87 BB/9 2.85
0.19 HR/9 1.32

So, the Reds send down a promising young hitter like Edwin Encarnacion, and then play Juan Castro at third. That's some thinkin' there. I was going to use this space to further mock Reds G.M. Wayne Krivski, but the lineups came up far too late. Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow.

Sadly, we don't get to see Josh Hamilton tonight, but we will have plenty of Norris Hopper.

I wonder if the Dodgers are the only team with three below replacement level hitters hitting 1-2-3.