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Linear Weights Saturdays 5/12

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Player Value Added VA/PA Change
Russell Martin 6.936 .049 1.065
Jeff Kent 3.964 .028 -.633
Andy LaRoche 1.923 .092 N/A
Olmedo Saenz 1.294 .040 -.204
Matt Kemp .697 .044 .000
Luis Gonzalez -.187 -.001 -2.749
Andre Ethier -.369 -.003 -.523
Marlon Anderson -.943 -.047 .000
Nomar Garciaparra -1.199 -.008 -1.599
Brady Clark -1.377 -.031 .608
Mike Lieberthal -1.714 -.095 .430
Wilson Betemit -1.965 -.024 2.486
Wilson Valdez -2.212 -.040 -.644
Ramon Martinez -4.768 -.084 -.794
Juan Pierre -5.444 -.033 -1.685
Rafael Furcal -6.730 -.055 -1.112

After a third consecutive week of offensive futility, the Dodgers now have only gotten above average contributions from five players this season. Of those five, one player sits on the bench, another is in AAA, and the third has played five games at the major league level. I guess that makes sense, when you consider that the Dodgers have four starters with slugging percentages under .400.

The Dodgers offense is not going to be this bad all season, but we do have to consider ourselves fortunate that the pitching staff has been incredible during this three week slump. If our pitchers weren't throwing shutouts seemingly every night, the Dodgers could easily be under .500 right now. Hopefully, the offense comes around before the pitching regresses to normal levels.


On a semi related note, Jack Cust hit his fourth home run in 22 trips to the plate. His four home runs would tie him for the Dodgers team lead. Since no one else cares about Jack Cust, I'll stop talking about him.

Update>>Last time, really. Cust went yard in his first at bat today, giving him more home runs in 23 plate appearances than anyone on the Dodgers.