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Got A Fever Of 103

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In the span of three days, Rafael Furcal has gone from a black hole in the lineup to a league average shortstop. On May 12th, Furcal was sporting a .579 OPS. After going four for four on the 13th, it went up to .642. A four for five game the next day boosted hm up to .679, and his four for five with a triple effort last night boosted him up to .729. Four days ago, Furcal had an OPS that was 166 points below the average NL shortstop. Now, he's a mere 16 points behind. This is why you don't trust stats that are generated in the first two months of the season, a few good games can completely turn your year around.


Last night, Wilson Valdez was DFAed to make room for Hong-Chih Kuo on the active roster. Valdez finished his current run with the Dodgers with a .236/.263/.309 line. This performance actually managed to boost his career OPS by 10 points. Congratulations, Wilson, you've now managed to get your career OPS up to .540. The Dodgers now have 10 days to either trade Valdez, have someone claim him off waivers, or send him to the minors. While I would normally hope that some team would make a waiver claim so I can have a good laugh at their expense, you have to consider the Wayne Krivski factor. Wilson Valdez for Edwin Encarnacion seems like a fair trade, especially since Valdez is out GORPing (Grit Over Replacement Player) Encarnacion by 12 in just 55 at bats.


In other roster filler news, Joe Mays exercised the out clause in his contract, making him a free agent, and thusly removing any possible temptation for his veteran presence. Mays had a 5.16 ERA and 29 strikeouts for the 51s this year.