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The White Car

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With the season 1/4th of the way done, I decided to look at some of the numbers that the Dodgers are on pace for this season. None of this has any predictive value, and almost none of these numbers have any real chance of panning out, but who knows what might happen?

With 25 wins a quarter of the way through the season, the Dodgers are on pace to be the first Dodger to team to win 100 games since 1974.

The Dodgers are on pace to hit 88 home runs. This would be the lowest team total since the 1992 Dodgers hit 72 home runs. Several other teams in 1992 hit less than 88 home runs, including the Brewers, the Royals and the Red Sox. Amazingly, the 2007 Dodgers are not last in baseball in home runs, the Cardinals and Nationals have only hit 18 this season.

Randy Wolf is on pace for 220 strike outs.  This would be the highest strikeout total for a Dodger pitcher since Kevin Brown struck out 221 in 1999.

Nomar Garciaparra currently has a .370 slugging percentage and an isolated power of .078. If he keeps these numbers over a full season, he would have the lowest slugging percentage for a first baseman with 450 at bats since J.T. Snow slugged .360 in 2002. He would have the lowest isolated power for a first baseman since Hal Morris hit .309/.351/.381 for the Royals in 1998.

Juan Pierre is on pace to steal 60 bases this season. If this happens, he would be the first Dodger to steal 60 bases since Davey Lopes stole 63 in 1976.

Pierre is also on pace to make 564 outs. This would break previous the major league record of 560, set by Omar Moreno for the 1980 Pittsburgh Pirates.

At their current rate, the Dodger pitching staff will allow 92 home runs. This would be the lowest total in a 162 game season since the 1992 Braves staff served up 89 tacos in 1992.

At his current rate, Wilson Betemit will have 12 pinch hit home runs by the end of the season. This would shatter the old mark of seven set by Dave Hansen and Craig Wilson.


I wrote a short paragraph on the status of the Dodgers for Larry Brown of AOL Fanhouse. I couldn't be nearly as descriptive as I wanted to be in just a paragraph, but it's worth looking at anyway.