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Open Thread: Game 45 - Milwaukee Brewers.

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Milwaukee (27-17) vs. LA Dodgers (25-19) 7:10pm



Rickie Weeks 2B .232/.341/.430
Tony Gwynn RF .360/.429/.420
J.J. Hardy SS .320/.364/.619
Prince Fielder 1B .290/.374/.574
Johnny Estrada C .281/.302/.467
Geoff Jenkins LF .310/.360/.595
Bill Hall CF .261/.325/.451
Craig Counsell 3B .224/.350/.306
Jeff Suppan P .095/.174/.095

LA Dodgers

Juan Pierre CF .277/.305/.314
Rafael Furcal SS .299/.369/.368
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .289/.337/.361
Jeff Kent 2B .286/.366/.474
Russell Martin C .318/.392/.453
Luis González LF .259/.368/.396
Andy LaRoche 3B .259/.488/.333
Andre Ethier RF .277/.324/.415
Brett Tomko P .000/.091/.000

Pitching Matchup:

Jeff Suppan vs Brett Tomko
5 W 1
4 L 4
3.25 ERA 5.97
61.0 IP 37.2
4.72 K/9 6.77
1.77 BB/9 4.6
0.74 HR/9 0.73

Please Tomko, don't stink tonight. If you do, at least be bad enough that Billingsley replaces you in the rotation.

Some pondering on the Brewers

Why is Tony Gwynn Jr. starting when the Brewers have about 12 outfielders who are better than him?

They have a useless platoon at third, Bill Hall in center, and 12 outfielders. Why doesn't Hall play third and, say, Corey Hart play center.

Answers later on tonight.

Answers, thanks to dixieflatline on Brew Crew Ball.

Gwynn is the hot bat so Ned is riding him. As for Hall they are just waiting for Braun to take over at 3rd. They don't want to move Hall twice. I am not saying they are good answers but there are the answers.