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Tony Abreu Called Up

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Las Vegas infielder Tony Abreu has been called up to the Dodgers. Abreu has hit .347/.397/.503 this season for the 51's.

I personally think this is too soon to see Abreu called up. Right now his success is very batting average based, and is fueled by a .420 BABIP with a 21.2 line drive percentage. If you regress him back to his natural numbers he ends up with an uninspiring .274/.337/.416 line in a hitters environment. Since he doesn't have the track record that a guy like Andy LaRoche does, I'm not confident that Abreu will find long term success as a big league third baseman (where I'll assume he'll play). Abreu was projected for a 2008 or 2009 debut, and that seems about right. It's just too soon for him right now.

Right now, there's no word on who will be sent down to make room on the 25 man roster. My best guess is Andy LaRoche or maybe Brett Tomko gets a mysterious injury. Abreu takes the last spot remaining on the 40 man roster.

Update>>Hong Chih Kuo goes down. Now we are almost guaranteed that either LaRoche or Abreu will sit every day unless Kent needs a day off. Neither of these guys are finished products, they need to get their swings in and not rot on the bench.