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Open Thread: Game 46 - Milwaukee Brewers

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Milwaukee (28-17) vs. LA Dodgers (25-20) 7:10pm



Rickie Weeks 2B .252/.355/.449
J.J. Hardy SS .312/.355/.602
Prince Fielder 1B .293/.375/.603
Bill Hall CF .268/.329/.452
Johnny Estrada C .286/.306/.486
Kevin Mench LF .266/.270/.395
Corey Hart RF .262/.323/.393
Tony Graffanino 3B .198/.268/.248
Ben Sheets P .100/.100/.100

LA Dodgers

Juan Pierre CF .271/.302/.307
Rafael Furcal SS .304/.376/.378
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .288/.335/.359
Jeff Kent 2B .285/.363/.487
Russell Martin C .309/.383/.441
Luis González LF .261/.371/.415
Andre Ethier RF .276/.322/.410
Tony Abreu 3B .000/.000/.000
Randy Wolf P .118/.286/.235

Pitching Matchup:

Ben Sheets vs Randy Wolf
4 W 5
2 L 3
3.86 ERA 3.91
56.0 IP 53.0
5.46 K/9 10.53
1.93 BB/9 2.38
1.29 HR/9 1.02

Tony Abreu makes his first start for the Dodgers, replacing Andy LaRoche, who has apparently slipped in the Dodgers eyes despite 43 plate appearances where he's compiled a .467 on base percentage. If you're wondering if Abreu will help the Dodgers power issues, the answer is no. Abreu has 19 home runs in 1600 or so minor league at bats.

You know, I think this chair would look a lot better on this part of the deck, don't you think?