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Open Thread: Game 47 - Milwaukee Brewers

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Milwaukee (28-18) vs. LA Dodgers (26-20) 7:10pm



Rickie Weeks 2B .247/.352/.440
Tony Gwynn RF .345/.410/.418
Prince Fielder 1B .294/.377/.599
Bill Hall CF .263/.328/.444
Johnny Estrada C .285/.304/.486
Geoff Jenkins LF .300/.354/.575
Tony Graffanino 3B .192/.261/.240
Craig Counsell SS .239/.364/.318
Chris Capuano P .176/.222/.176

LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .303/.373/.375
Juan Pierre CF .265/.296/.301
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .283/.330/.353
Jeff Kent 2B .286/.363/.491
Russell Martin C .312/.388/.461
Luis González LF .262/.371/.414
Andy LaRoche 3B .233/.467/.300
Andre Ethier RF .270/.316/.401
Brad Penny P .222/.263/.222

Pitching Matchup:

Chris Capuano vs Brad Penny
5 W 5
2 L 1
3.72 ERA 2.54
48.1 IP 56.2
6.55 K/9 5.6
3.56 BB/9 3.2
0.75 HR/9 0

Prior to the game, Chin-Hui Tsao was placed on the disabled list and Yhency Brazoban was added to the 25 man roster. For the first time in over a year, I can break out my "Ghame Over" shirt.

New fun game: try and figure out the Dodgers' third base situation. Every night, you can try to figure out the thought process that Grady Little uses to place someone at third base. For now, it's easy: Abreu and LaRoche are being platooned. The real fun begins when the random Betemit start gets thrown in there.