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Underappreciated Dodger Of The Moment

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Rudy Seanez

2.88 ERA, 7.56 strikeouts per nine, 3 to 1 strikeout to walk ratio, .72 home runs per nine.

Admittedly, I should have posted this before he almost blew a game, but Seanez has been rock solid this year after his shaky start. Since allowing three runs in his first three innings, Seanez has given up just five runs since then, taking his ERA from 13.50 to all the way down to 2.88.

Seanez's numbers almost match up exactly to what Chin-Hui Tsao has done for the Dodgers this year. Nearly equal strike out rates and ERAs, and a better walk rate. The only thing that Tsao has over Seanez is that he's yet to surrender a home run. Despite this, Tsao is seen as an important part of the Dodger bullpen going forward, while Seanez is looked at as DFA bait.

Rudy Seanez isn't much more than a solid arm worth taking a chance on, and I wouldn't be all that upset if he had to leave the team to give AA closer Jonathan Meloan a roster spot. However, on the list of "problems that the Dodgers have" Seanez ranks very, very low.