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It's Way Too Early Links

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Some "Goddammit, why did I have to come to work at 2:30 in the morning" links.

I was going to write something about Mark Hendrickson, but Jon over at Dodger Thoughts covered everything that I had to say. Usually hot starts like this from bad pitchers can be easily written off. Take Jarrod Washburn as an example. His peripherals are exactly the same as they were the last two years, he just has a .208 BABIP. He's obviously going to come back to Earth. While Hendrickson is sporting a BABIP below the Mendoza Line, he is showing what seems to be actual progress. He's struck out almost nine per nine innings, upped his K/BB to seven to one and allowed only one home run in the last 37 innings. I'm not saying Hendrickson has made any real improvement, just look at Marlon Anderson as an example of a bad player playing out of his mind for a month, but this isn't as easy to write off as the yearly "Brett Tomko has figured it all out" column.

It's very rare for me to take one look at a blog and have it immediately enter my boredom rotation, but Dodgerama got my attention after one viewing. Keep it up over there.

Billy Beane worked the One Red Paperclip theory well, trading a player to be named later for .068/.192/.091 hitting outfielder Ryan Langerhans, then spinning Langerhans into "I can't believe Bill Bavasi acquired Jose Vidro for" Chris Snelling. While this was a great step up, did the A's really need another injury prone outfielder?

Update>>U.S.S. Mariner has a great piece about what Chris Snelling says about the Mariners and the A's.

Update Two>>The A's activate my plan and acquire Jack Cust to play D.H. in place of the injured Mike Piazza. Cust is tearing up the minors yet again this year, hitting .295/.429/.692 with eight home runs. Cust might finally get the chance he deserves with Oakland.