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The Dodgers Have Very Firm Beliefs About Chad Billingsley

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"The Dodgers are officially undecided on who will start Saturday's game in Pittsburgh but are pretty sure it won't be Chad Billingsley."

-The L.A. Times

Good to see that the Dodgers have so much faith in Billingsley's inability to start. They may not know who's going to be taking the mound on Saturday, but it sure won't be Billingsley. That's the type of decisive leadership I like to see.

I have no clue why the Dodgers would be contemplating starting D.J. Houlton over Billingsley, and I like D.J. Houlton. He's the type of guy that you put on your roster to avoid offering Mark Hendrickson arbitration. However, Houlton is in no way better than Chad Billingsley, and should never be considered for a slot in the rotation ahead of him. Hong-Chih Kuo over Billingsley, sure, I can understand that. Kuo and Billingsley are great talents, but Kuo can't pitch out of the bullpen. If you want both of them on your roster, you need to put Kuo in the rotation before Billingsley. But Houlton? Really? He has worse perhiperals in Vegas than Billingsley does in L.A. (granted in about twice as many innings).

Does this organization simply have something against Billingsley? Is there something there that they aren't telling us? I have no clue, but I'd like to find out.


A couple very minor transactions occurred over the last couple days. First, Las Vegas shortstop Tomas Perez was traded to the White Sox for pitcher Dwayne Pollok. Pollok is a 26 year old pitcher who has kept his walk and home run rates down during his career, but has yet to strikeout more than six per nine at any level above A ball. Tomas Perez was worse at being Wilson Valdez than Wilson Valdez was. Some terrible, terrible things will have to happen to the Dodgers for this deal to mean anything.

Also, catcher Kelly Stinnett retired after a 13 years as a backup catcher. Stinnett was splitting time behind the plate Ken Huckaby for Vegas this year. Rarely used catcher Octavio Martinez was promoted from Jacksonville to take over backup duties.


The Dodgers are in first place, the Giants are in last place. It's a good day.