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Open Thread: Game 52 - @Washington Nationals

Rafael Furcal SS
Juan Pierre CF
Nomar Garciaparra 1B
Jeff Kent 2B
Luis Gonzalez LF
Russell Martin C
Andre Ethier RF
Tony Abreu 3B
Derek Lowe P

Felipe Lopez 2B
Christian Guzman SS
Ryan Zimmerman 3B
Dmitri Young 1B
Austin Kearns RF
Ryan Church LF
Brian Schnieder C
Nook Logan CF
Matt Bacsik

Derek Lowe takes on someone named Matt Bacsik. Prior to this year, Bacsik got a couple small runs with the Yankees and Rangers in 2003 and 2004. He's bounced around the league as a minor league free agent since then.

Andy LaRoche is sitting against a left handed pitcher. It looks like we might not be seeing him again anytime soon. If this is how much playtime he's going to get in the bigs, I hope we don't see him anytime soon.