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Linear Weights Saturdays 5/5

Player Value Added VA/PA Change
Russell Martin 5.871 .051 -1.575
Jeff Kent 4.597 .040 .837
Luis Gonzalez 2.562 .024 1.604
Olmedo Saenz 1.498 .060 .458
Matt Kemp .697 .044 .000
Nomar Garciaparra .400 .003 -3.362
Andre Ethier .154 .002 1.683
Marlon Anderson -.943 -.047 -.366
Wilson Valdez -1.568 -.033 -2.324
Brady Clark -1.985 -.052 -1.863
Mike Lieberthal -2.144 -.153 -.572
Juan Pierre -3.759 -.028 1.201
Ramon Martinez -3.974 -.081 -1.984
Wilson Betemit -4.451 -.060 -1.312
Rafael Furcal -5.618 -.059 -.875

When you score five runs in four games, your offensive output is going to look pretty sorry for the week. While this is true, only Ethier, Gonzalez and Kent provided slightly positive run production, things weren't as bad as they could have been. The Dodgers saw 12 men reach base against Livan Hernandez, yet they only managed to score once. Good for the linear weights, bad for the actual team record.

Since "get rid of Wilson Betemit" seems to be the common sentiment in the Dodger land, two things should be noted. First, Rafael Furcal has been every bit as bad as Betemit this year. Furcal has cost the team .059 runs per at bat, while Betemit's lost the Dodgers one thousandth of a run more every time he steps to the plate. While Betemit's flailing at pitches certainly looks bad, it's been just as productive as Furcal's ground outs. Second, Betemit had a better week that either of his potential short term replacements, Ramon Martinez and Wilson Valdez.

Admittedly, I wouldn't be all that upset if James Loney or Andy LaRoche came to save the day, but I don't have much faith in that happening. All I can see happening if Betemit is put on the bench is Wilson Valdez accumulating more at bats, or some form of inevitably disastrous trade. So for now, I just say stay course, if only because they alternatives are even worse.