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Open Thread: Game 30 -@Atlanta Braves

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LA Dodgers (17-12) vs. Atlanta (18-10) 4:05pm


LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .209/.284/.256
Juan Pierre CF .282/.308/.323
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .300/.347/.400
Jeff Kent 2B .317/.397/.455
Luis González LF .280/.385/.452
Russell Martin C .320/.400/.464
Andre Ethier RF .275/.326/.463
Ramón E. Martínez 3B .182/.229/.227
Derek Lowe P .222/.385/.222


Kelly Johnson 2B .323/.472/.583
Édgar Rentería SS .333/.395/.487
Chipper Jones 3B .312/.423/.679
Andruw Jones CF .245/.387/.490
Brian McCann C .314/.381/.500
Jeff Francoeur RF .312/.372/.532
Scott Thorman 1B .262/.308/.475
Willie Harris LF .455/.500/.455
Tim Hudson P .188/.278/.250

Pitching Matchup:

Derek Lowe vs Tim Hudson
2 W 3
3 L 0
4.62 ERA 1.40
37.0 IP 45.0
4.86 K/9 6.4
4.14 BB/9 2.4
0.24 HR/9 0.2

Wilson Betemit sits tonight against Tim Hudson, who holds the second highest ERA in the NL. Combine this benching with Grady Little's ringing non-endorsement, and it could mean the end for Betemit as a starter. Heck, it could be the end for Betemit as a Dodger if we pull a patented Ned Colletti sell low maneuver.

Congratulations to Saydah for winning the suicide pool. Send me an E-Mail with a shipping address so I can send you your prize. For everyone else, you can order the Asian Experience here. It's an acquired taste.