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Yhency Brazoban has been placed right back on the DL due to pain in his throwing shoulder. Taking his place on the 25 man roster is surprise inclusion Eric Hull.

While this seems like sort of an out there move, when you look at the Dodgers options, Hull made the most sense. These are the pitchers on the Dodgers 40 man roster that are not active: Zach Hammes, Tim Hamulack, D.J. Houlton, Eric Hull, Hong-Chih Kuo, Mike Megrew, Greg Miller, and Eric Stults. Since the goal seemed to be to bring in someone like Brazoban, you can eliminate the starters Houlton, Kuo, Stults, and Megrew. You can also remove Hammes, who has only pitched 21 innings above A ball. This leaves Hamulack, Hull, and Miller. Hamulack pretty much is out of good will just had Tommy John surgery and Miller has walked 14.19 per nine this year. And with that, we have Eric Hull.

Hull has put up consistent numbers the last two years in Vegas, striking out right around nine per nine with a two to one strikeout to walk ratio. He's 28 now so he's far removed from being a prospect, but the Dodgers might be able to wring some cheap innings out of him for the next couple years. Good luck Mr. Hull.