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Open Thread: Game 63 - Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto (29-32) vs. LA Dodgers (35-27) 1:10pm



Álex Ríos RF .287/.340/.525
Matt Stairs 1B .286/.360/.563
Vernon Wells CF .250/.308/.399
Troy Glaus 3B .279/.389/.500
Aaron Hill 2B .280/.345/.471
Adam Lind LF .231/.275/.394
John McDonald SS .281/.296/.396
Sal Fasano C .179/.238/.333
Roy Halladay P .000/.000/.000

LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .293/.361/.363
Tony Abreu 2B .304/.322/.464
Russell Martin C .297/.367/.474
Luis González LF .289/.373/.468
Wilson Betemit 3B .187/.336/.407
James Loney 1B .000/.000/.000
Andre Ethier RF .266/.306/.411
Juan Pierre CF .273/.301/.320
Jason Schmidt P .200/.200/.800

Pitching Matchup:

Roy Halladay vs Jason Schmidt
5 W 1
2 L 2
4.63 ERA 4.76
68.0 IP 17.0
6.09 K/9 9
1.32 BB/9 4.24
0.79 HR/9 1.59

In an unforeseen move, the Dodgers have DFAed Brady Clark and brought up James Loney to take his place. I'm not sure I like it. While Loney certainly is a better player than Clark, Clark had a very nice, defined role. He was a guy that could play all three outfield positions and didn't seem to have much of a problem coming off the bench. Loney is a much different story. James Loney has struggled almost all year, and it seems like he needs play time to work out his issues. He's only going to get that at the expense of Nomar, which I can't see happening on a regular basis, or Matt Kemp/Andre Ethier, which doesn't help Kemp in anyway. Unless Grady is willing to create some time of four position six man uber platoon/rotation with Gonzalez, Pierre, Kemp, Loney, Ethier, and Nomar, someone that needs playing time is going to get stuck on the bench. Can Grady be that flexible? He hasn't shown that skill set just yet.

Another thing to consider is that Juan Pierre is now the only functional center fielder left on the  40 man roster. Scouting reports and personal observation tell me that Kemp really isn't suited to playing center field, so we're pretty much going to have to press on with Pierre, no matter what his performance looks like, unless we want our defense to crumble even further.

James Loney is a much better player than Brady Clark, don't get me wrong. However, Brady Clark might be a better fit for the Dodgers.