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Open Thread: Game 66 - New York Mets

NY Mets (36-27) vs. LA Dodgers (37-28) 7:10pm


NY Mets

José Reyes SS .308/.392/.446
Shawn Green RF .311/.368/.475
Carlos Beltrán CF .278/.363/.474
David Wright 3B .283/.374/.506
Carlos Delgado 1B .228/.297/.411
Paul Lo Duca C .300/.350/.375
José Valentín 2B .261/.327/.420
Ricky Ledee LF .250/.250/.500
Jorge Sosa P .167/.286/.167

LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .283/.349/.350
Juan Pierre CF .277/.308/.330
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .272/.316/.332
Luis González LF .292/.378/.481
Russell Martin C .297/.364/.466
Wilson Betemit 3B .212/.357/.444
Matt Kemp RF .417/.444/.583
Tony Abreu 2B .262/.279/.400
Brad Penny P .231/.259/.269

Pitching Matchup:

Jorge Sosa vs Brad Penny
6 W 7
1 L 1
2.64 ERA 2.26
44.1 IP 83.2
5.51 K/9 5.84
3.06 BB/9 2.7
0.82 HR/9 0.22

Jorge Sosa has taken Kaz Ishii's place as the luckiest man in baseball. After a 2005 season where he had a 2.55 ERA despite striking out 85 and walking 64 in 134 innings, Sosa violently regressed to the mean in 2006. Here in 2007, the wizard is backup to his old tricks. His terrible strikeout rate and mediocre walk rate is being boosted by a .200 BABIP. Hopefully tonight Sosa begins to regress back to where he belongs. Or he could pull the old Kaz Ishii walk the bases loaded, get someone to line into a double play, then get a fly out at the warning track trick. Whatever works.