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Open Thread: Game 55 -@ Pittsburgh Pirates

LA Dodgers (32-22) vs. Pittsburgh (23-31) 4:05pm


LA Dodgers

Juan Pierre CF .275/.306/.328
Rafael Furcal SS .299/.368/.370
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .288/.335/.354
Jeff Kent 2B .267/.346/.471
Luis González LF .291/.383/.457
Mike Lieberthal C .250/.280/.292
Andre Ethier RF .271/.309/.416
Tony Abreu 3B .308/.296/.423
Hong-Chih Kuo P .000/.000/.000


José Bautista 3B .273/.352/.406
Chris Duffy CF .240/.294/.354
Freddy Sánchez 2B .284/.313/.340
Jason Bay LF .314/.387/.536
Xavier Nady RF .277/.312/.453
Adam LaRoche 1B .215/.318/.355
Ronny Paulino C .220/.265/.340
Jack Wilson SS .251/.306/.342
Ian Snell P .158/.200/.158

Pitching Matchup:

Hong-Chih Kuo vs Ian Snell
0 W 4
0 L 4
15.43 ERA 3.14
2.1 IP 71.2
0 K/9 7.33
4.29 BB/9 2.78
0 HR/9 0.76

Prior to the game, Hong-Chih Kuo was added to the active roster and Andy LaRoche was sent back to AAA Las Vegas. I would comment more on this, but Jon Weisman pretty much covered anything I have to say on the issue. Tony Abreu appears to be the third baseman for the Dodgers now, at least until he goes on a 1 for 10 streak.