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Musings, The Labrum Edition

Will Carroll brings us more updates on Jason Schmidt's labrum.

The labrum was anchored back to bone, so that's the key point that will need to heal before his rehab starts. There's not much precedent for a return to level, though it's interesting to note that the article I did on labrums for Slate back in 2004 is now almost completely obsolete. This is far more extensive than the surgery that Schmidt had in 2000, so timeframes are a bit tougher to judge here, but a vague yet reasonable one has him returning in time for spring training next year.

It's good to know that the labrum isn't going to end Schmidt's career, but I would like to know exactly why his labrum article is obsolete nowadays. Josh Rawtich at Inside The Dodgers had this to add.

If there's a silver lining to be found, it's that the surgeon felt very good about that fact that he was able to repair everything that he saw and is confident that Schmidt can return to the power pitcher he was before the injuries

It sounds nice, though I'm not sure if a surgeon would admit his procedure was a rousing failure to the press. Hopefully, Schmidt can earn his paycheck next year.


Matt Kemp won't be starting for the third time in a row tonight. Don't panic though, Marlon Anderson will be getting his swings in. I'd say more, but the last time I made fun of Grady for starting Marlon Anderson, he went an absurd tear. Actually, that should be plenty reason to mock Marlon Anderson. So, Grady, what's the deal with starting Marlon Anderson over Kemp? You do realize that Marlon Anderson is a career bench player and Matt Kemp is our best hitting prospect in a long while, right? That should light a fire under Marlon.


Milton Bradley was DFA'd by the Athletics for unknown reasons. While I'd love for Ned to kick Juan Pierre to the curb and toss Bradley in center, that fantasy will go unfulfilled for so many different reasons. Since it's always a joy to watch the man play, I wish him luck on whatever team he ends up on.


Update: Two Dodgers have made the rosters for the futures game. Chin-Lung Hu will play shortstop for the World Team and Clayton Kershaw will pitch for the U.S. Team.