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Yet Another Round Of Musings

You know how they say that offenses that just wait around for the three run home run are inconsistent? Well, they're wrong. At least if you wait for the three run home run, you're going to score some runs when your plan works out. The Dodgers offense did everything that could reasonably be expected of it last night, and they still scored no runs, simply because their success happened in an untimely order. While this will eventually lead to success, going above and beyond the call of duty against Brandon Webb and getting nothing out of it is frustrating, to say the least. It doesn't help that this is the second time this has happened within the last five days.


The idea that Wilson Betemit can only hit off the bench is absurd. Prior to this season, Betemit hit  .271/.322/.433 overall while hitting .206/.325/.279 off the bench. Unless something horrific happened to him and he suddenly forgot how to hit and play the field at the same time, this is just one of those things that happen when you're looking at a 21 plate appearance sample. Wilson Betemit does not have some supernatural ability to hit off the bench, and hopefully Dodger management is able to realize that.


The Dodgers have come to terms with supplemental round pick James Adkins.