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Open Thread: Game 81 - @San Diego Padres

San Diego (45-33) vs. LA Dodgers (45-35) 7:10pm


San Diego

Brian Giles RF .277/.354/.347
Marcus Giles 2B .256/.331/.355
Adrián González 1B .278/.347/.498
Mike Cameron CF .264/.325/.445
Josh Bard C .256/.332/.367
Khalil Greene SS .242/.275/.474
Kevin Kouzmanoff 3B .223/.287/.393
José Cruz LF .265/.348/.409
Jake Peavy P .219/.219/.375

LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .274/.340/.353
Juan Pierre CF .277/.309/.325
Russell Martin C .298/.365/.480
Jeff Kent 2B .269/.354/.455
Luis González LF .295/.387/.490
Nomar Garciaparra 3B .273/.312/.327
James Loney 1B .478/.500/.848
Andre Ethier RF .278/.344/.427
Brad Penny P .241/.290/.310

Pitching Matchup:

Jake Peavy vs Brad Penny
9 W 10
2 L 1
2.14 ERA 2.04
105.0 IP 105.2
9.69 K/9 5.99
2.57 BB/9 2.4
0.09 HR/9 0.17
In the last game of the first half, the NL's ERA leaders face off against each other. While one of them probably doesn't deserve that title, I can't think of a better way to end an up and down first half.

Update>>Just noticed, D.J. Houlton has been called up, Hong-Chih Kuo has been sent down. I'll try to make a more detailed post later, but for now I'll just mention that Odalis Perez was allowed to have three bad starts out of six before he was kicked out of the rotation, Kuo only had two bad starts out of six.