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Open Thread And Live Blog Of The Draft

Talk about the draft in this tread. I'll do my best to follow along with live coverage for as long as I can. Last year, I made it up to round 15, but ESPN artificially lengthening round one from five minutes to three hours might change some of that.

At the very least, you can watch me pretend to know something about some high school kid we pick in round seven.

While you're waiting Marc Normandin did a player profile on Russell Martin for Baseball Prospectus today. The conclusion he comes to is certainly encouraging for Dodger fans.

There's only a .007 difference between his eBABIP and BABIP, meaning Martin's performance--if this is the type of hitter he has become, and his batted-ball stats look eerily similar to 2006 only with more power--is more likely than not legitimate.

If you don't have a subscription to Baseball Prospectus, it's worth it for Marc's stuff alone. Every time I read something from him, I learn something new.

Here we go.

Round One, Pick 20: Christopher Withrow, RHP Midland Christian High School

2007 stats: 50 IP 9-1 1.30 ERA 90K. As hitter: .500 average, eight home runs, 60 RBI With athleticism, very clean mechanics and three pitches that have a chance to be above-average, Withrow is very intriguing. Throw in the fact that his father pitched at the University of Texas and in the White Sox organization and the bloodlines are there as well.

Kevin Goldstein: Pros: Projectable righty with low-90s fastball to go with an already advanced curve and changeup; excellent makeup; son of former pro pitcher.
Cons: More of a player with no glaring weaknesses as opposed to one with impressive strengths.(Named 47th best pick).

Baseball America had Withrow as the 45th best high school player in the draft.

A pick that no one expected, I never once saw Withrow mentioned as the potential first round pick for the Dodgers. Hopefully, Logan White sees something that no one else does.

The Dodgers passed on quite possibly the best prospect in the draft, Rick Porcello, due to Boras related issues. With the Dodgers vast resources, I'd like to see them target guys like this, but I guess the Hochevar incident is still fresh in everyones mind.

Supplemental Round, Pick 39: James Adkins, LHP University of Tenessee
21 years old, 6'5, 195 LBs

2007 stats: 122 IP, 133 K, 44 BB, 11 HR

MILB.COM: Strengths: Terrific command and a slider that is off-the-charts.
Weaknesses:Stuff. He's mostly a two-pitch pitcher right now, with only the slider grading out as above-average.

Wow, Logan White takes a college player in the first round. Adkins is the All Time Strikeout leader at Tennessee, stealing the crown from R.A. Dickey. He currently relies mainly on his breaking stuff instead of his fastball, which hopefully doesn't mean that his fastball isn't anything special. His slider is supposed to be a deadly pitch, but right now he just seems to project as a LOOGY. Neither Kevin Goldstein or John Sickles profiled him so this seems to be another out there pick.

Round Two, Pick 86: Michael Watt, LHP Capistrano Valley High School
18 years old, 6'1, 185 Lbs

2007 Stats:Unknown

Named Baseball America's 186th best high school player. Perfect Game: MPH: 90. Strong and athletic. Quick 3/4 arm, drops and drive. Sneaky upper 80s fastball with some late life. Can pitch up with the fastball. Slurvy breaker with decent action. Aggressive.

Another odd pick. Watt lacks huge velocity and is already being considered crafty. He's already signed on with Long Beach State so there could be some issues there.

Round Three, Pick 116: Glenn (Austin) Gallagher, 3B Manheim Township High School
18 years old, 6'4''

2007 Stats: 63 AB .587/.662/1.159, 11 SB, 8 HR

Despite Gallagher's otherworldly numbers, Baseball America didn't list him as one of the top 300 high school players available in the draft, possibly because he compiled these numbers for a division II school. I don't have a weight listing but his height makes him seem like a big guy. Could be projectable into some big power numbers.

Next Pick: Round Four, Pick 146: Andrew Lambo, RF Newbury Park HS
18 years old 6'3''

2007 Stats:.453/.577/.973 9 HR. As pitcher: 68.2 IP, 1.63 ERA, 76 K, 25 BB

Baseball Factory: A potential 2-way college player. Fastball was 80-86 mph with occasional plus arm side life. His curveball was above average, with depth to a downward break with tilt. His arm is quick and works out front well with whippy action. Has great potential to improve as he adds balance and tempo to his delivery. A solid defensive outfielder and a near average runner (7.42 60yds). At the plate he showed an aggressive stroke with power to right field. His wrists had life out front through contact.

Baseball America lists him as the 30th best High School player in the country

Lambo doesn't seem to have much use as a pitcher if he's throwing 80-86. He does appear to have the tools to be a decent hitter, as he was able to absolutely crush high school pitching.

Round Five, Pick 176: Kyle Blair, Los Gatos HS
18 years old, 6'4, 200 Lbs

2007 Stats: Not Found Blair is a projectable high school right-hander with good size and a good, but not great, arm. He's got an average fastball with average command, but there's room for growth in his frame, which could lead to more ticks on the fastball. His slider has the chance to be a decent offering, but is very inconsistent right now. There are plenty of teams who like projection from their high schoolers and Blair fits that mold.
Perfect GameKyle Blair is a 2007 RHP from Los Gatos HS, residing in Monte Serrano, CA, with a 6'3" 200 lb. frame. Ranked #15 among PG National Top 100 pitchers. Body - strong, power, durable. Pitching - over the top slot, plus extension, long deep extension on backside, quick arm, ok on time, good energy, good rhythm, rock back over rubber, good armside command with FB, power arm, heavy stuff, power CB has plus bite, quick change of direction, CB is legit hammer, good command, can go to at any time for strikes or outs, developing CU. Offense - primary pitcher, can handle bat, gap to gap power, good barrel contact. Potential early draft, Aflac All American.

That's more like it. Blair seems to be much more of a traditional Logan White pick, a high upside high school arm with some gas. Blair throws up to 94 with the variety of pitches mentioned above. Signability issues have dropped him this far in the draft, but the Dodgers resources should let them take a chance on a talent like this.

So sayeth Kevin Goldstein: Blair will likely need something close to $1 million in order to avoid going to college -- he's committed to San Diego.

Next Pick: Round Six, Pick 206
years old lbs

2007 stats

Next Pick: Round Six, Pick 236

We're done for the day. I might pick this back up tomorrow if I have the some free time.