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Open Thread: Game 61 - Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto (28-31) vs. LA Dodgers (34-26) 7:40pm



Álex Ríos RF .294/.347/.536
Matt Stairs 1B .288/.368/.529
Vernon Wells CF .259/.318/.414
Troy Glaus 3B .277/.387/.508
Aaron Hill 2B .284/.351/.482
Adam Lind LF .242/.287/.412
Jason Phillips C .241/.311/.324
Royce Clayton SS .240/.291/.341
Dustin McGowan P .000/.000/.000

LA Dodgers

Juan Pierre CF .269/.298/.317
Rafael Furcal SS .295/.365/.367
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .279/.325/.342
Jeff Kent 2B .260/.335/.462
Luis González LF .289/.376/.454
Russell Martin C .308/.379/.493
Andre Ethier RF .273/.314/.422
Tony Abreu 3B .327/.333/.490
Brad Penny P .250/.280/.292

Pitching Matchup:

Dustin McGowan vs Brad Penny
2 W 7
2 L 1
5.50 ERA 2.37
36.0 IP 76.0
7.5 K/9 5.57
4 BB/9 2.96
0.75 HR/9 0.24

I wanted to write something about last nights loss, but my comment in the game threat pretty much sums up my feelings in a far more succinct way.

Prior to the game, Ramon Martinez went on the DL with a back injury. A bit suspicious, since one would think he would actually have to play to hurt himself. Taking his place on the roster is Matt Kemp. It's great to see Kemp up, but he's sadly not playing tonight. It also pretty much takes away any reason for Martinez to be on the roster. Supposedly he was the backup shortstop if Furcal went down, but we didn't call anyone up to take his place. I have to believe that he's not long for this team if he doesn't play as it is, and we didn't bother calling up anyone to replace him.