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Open Thread: Game 62 - Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto (28-32) vs. LA Dodgers (35-26) 7:10pm



Álex Ríos RF .292/.345/.533
Matt Stairs 1B .287/.364/.546
Vernon Wells CF .254/.313/.406
Troy Glaus 3B .278/.390/.504
Aaron Hill 2B .279/.346/.473
Adam Lind LF .236/.280/.401
Jason Phillips C .232/.301/.313
John McDonald SS .280/.295/.398
Shaun Marcum P .000/.333/.000

LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .289/.359/.360
Tony Abreu 3B .308/.327/.462
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .279/.324/.341
Jeff Kent 2B .264/.338/.467
Luis González LF .294/.379/.477
Russell Martin C .302/.373/.483
Matt Kemp RF .429/.438/.500
Juan Pierre CF .269/.297/.316
Derek Lowe P .130/.276/.130

Pitching Matchup:

Shaun Marcum vs Derek Lowe
2 W 6
2 L 5
4.06 ERA 3.44
44.1 IP 86.1
9.59 K/9 6.06
3.67 BB/9 3.14
1.84 HR/9 0.42

Matt Kemp gets his first start back with the big club at the expense of Andre Ethier. If you assume that Juan Pierre is untouchable at this point, this is the right thing to do given how replacement level Ethier has been this year.

Speaking of Juan Pierre, he's been demoted to the eight hole, hopefully until he at least becomes as productive as Juan Pierre should be.

If Furcal picks up a walk in this game, he'll join the coveted "on base percentage higher than slugging percentage" club. Good fun to be had there.

Will also be interesting to see how a pitcher that gives up home runs like the guys at the Lyndon LaRouche booth give out fliers fares against a team that can't hit home runs.