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I did a short interview for MetsBlog where I disparage Nomar and give some love to Chad Billingsley. In other words, just an ordinary day.


Cesar Izturis was traded to the Pirates for a player to be named later. This Spring, the Pirates extended Jack Wilson to 2009 and still owe him 16.25 million dollars. Since no team except the Pirates would actually want Jack Wilson, and they traded for a player who is pretty much equivalent to Jack Wilson, I'm not sure what the Pirates are thinking.


Before yesterday's game, Tony Abreu was sent back to the minors to add Roberto Herndandez to the active roster. I wasn't even aware Herndanez was on the 51's to begin with, so this was something of a surprise. So long as his sudden loss of control in Cleveland was just a small sample size related fluke, Hernandez fits in as an interchangeable middle reliever. While Jonathan Meloan or even Eric Hull would have been more exciting options, Hernandez is a nice, safe choice. He might be good, he might be bad, he'll probably somewhere in between. Yay?