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Crow Talk

My wife loves all animals to death except one. The crow is her mortal enemy and when the bird flue swept through the Crow community several years ago she wept nary a tear as they dropped like flies. As the numbers have come back they try to hang around our house. She has developed a particular noise to scare them that goes something like "sh sh sh shhhh"  and for several years this has worked as the Crows move on whenever she uses it.  It is always temporary but it does give respite against the "caw caw caw" every morning. At least it did work until this year where no matter how much she does her "sh sh sh shhhh" this one Crow won't budge, and even gets more belligerent and "caws" even louder. The battle between these two has been going on all spring and now well into summer.  I've told her that her battle is making her even more annoying then the crow she is trying to get rid of. Last week she wearily succumbed to the Crows presence and admitted she had grown just a tab bit attached to it and would let it be in peace. It was no longer worth the effort to get rid of him since he wasn't going anywhere.

 Juan Pierre is my crow and he's not going anywhere, so I might as well just try to enjoy him.