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Suger Britches pitches a beauty

Brett Tomko followed up his solid start on Sunday with an even better performance tonight. It went for naught as Grady decided to use the man Ned provided for him in a key spot and with predictable results he gave up the game. Roberto Hernandez is done and bringing in lousy 43-year-old pitchers when you have in house replacements is not going to help him increase his B- rating over at BP. If you want to give Meloan some innings at AAA, fine, but Eric Hull is ready and willing and if AAA was so important you might have thought about promoting Meloan about four weeks ago.

Nice to see Nomar not only go yard but hit it over the CF fence. Easily the hardest hit ball of the year by Nomar. The rest of the at bats were nothing special but OP was on his game.

Many thanks to Andrew for giving me this opportunity and to those who have given me support from the DT community.