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The Mark Hendrickson Road To Immortality

After going 0 for 2 yesterday, Mark Hendrickson is now 0 for 40 at the plate as a Dodger. With those two outs, Hendrickson is on his way to making history.

Hendrickson is now only one out away for tying the NL record for "most at bats on a team without ever getting a hit". The current leader is Randy Tate, who went 0 for 41 during his tenure with the Mets.

The major league record is a bit further away, but still reachable. Hendrickson can become number two all time if he goes 0 for 42 and matches Ed Rakow's batting record with the Tigers. The All Time record is held by Karl Drews who went an incredible 0 for 54 for the St. Louis Browns from 1948-1949.

If Hendrickson makes six or seven more starts, and flails away each time, he could be the all time leader in a non-height based stat. Since I believe that our God is a fair and just one, we'll then never see Mark Hendrickson again. I may hate Hendrickson with the fire of a thousand suns, but denying him his chance at history would simply be cruel.