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Padres fire first bullet

The Padres are getting congratulated all over the internet for the trade of Linebrink for 3 prospects and while I'll agree they got the best value in the deal as a Dodger fan it doesn't bother me. They need hitting and back end rotational help and they just traded one of their best chips for future help while also weakening a bullpen that is counting on Heath Bell to shoulder a load that he probably can't handle.  Once Milton Bradley succumbs to the DL  or gets frustrated with Petco turning him in to Shawn Green the offense is going to need a spike from somewhere as the Giles brothers seem to be following the Boone brother route to oblivion. The front end of the rotation is starting to stagger with Peavy showing he's mortal while C Young has an oblique problem. Wells and Maddux are showing their age and Germano is showing his youth. With the Dodgers and Padre pitching taking hits just about every day the Diamondbacks are sharpening their fangs and we will see what Colorado is about after this showdown.