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The Bonds Enigma

I've got tickets for 2 of the 3 Giant games. Not that anyone cares what I'll do if Bonds breaks Aaron's record during this homestand but this is what I'll do.
I was never a Bonds fan even before he became a Giant and I'm not happy that he's going to pass Hank Aaron by having cheated. On the other hand I feel he has done it honorably by playing in the NL and continuing to play LF while chasing the record. Aaron hit a few homers as a DH so Bonds has already passed him with the most home runs ever hit by someone who actually plays baseball. So dishonor for the steroids and honor for playing a position. I'll stand up for him if he hits the home run, I won't applaud and I won't boo, that is the best I can do. I respect him, I don't like him, I'm glad he was never a Dodger.