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Open Thread: Game 106 - San Francisco Giants

San Francisco (45-58) vs. LA Dodgers (57-48) 7:10pm


San Francisco

Dave Roberts CF .262/.329/.353
Randy Winn RF .293/.351/.416
Ray Durham 2B .240/.307/.386
Barry Bonds LF .277/.493/.562
Ryan Klesko 1B .281/.372/.438
Bengie Molina C .271/.292/.413
Pedro Feliz 3B .251/.292/.439
Omar Vizquel SS .250/.299/.302
Noah Lowry P .045/.067/.068

LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .282/.343/.376
Juan Pierre CF .279/.312/.332
Russell Martin C .301/.370/.478
Luis González LF .289/.369/.452
Nomar Garciaparra 3B .285/.330/.360
James Loney 1B .350/.399/.536
Matt Kemp RF .341/.382/.540
Ramón E. Martínez 2B .162/.232/.203
Brad Penny P .293/.326/.390

Pitching Matchup:

Noah Lowry vs Brad Penny
11 W 13
7 L 1
3.40 ERA 2.51
127.0 IP 136.0
5.24 K/9 6.49
4.54 BB/9 2.78
0.43 HR/9 0.26

Delywn Young will take Wilson Betemit's spot on the roster. When Scott Proctor reports to the team on Saturday, I assume Eric Hull and his options will be sent back down, but Roberto Hernandez is also a candidate to get DFAd.

In the end, I guess I'm just glad that Andy LaRoche is still in the organization, so I'm at least marginally happy.