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I Reach The Sky, Every Night

Dan Fox of Baseball Prospectus released some updated base running numbers yesterday. Ned Colletti paid very large sums of money to make the Dodgers a good base running team, and fortunately for him, it's paid off.

While the Dodgers are one of the worst teams in baseball at stealing bases (they've cost themselves almost four runs this way), they are pretty much tied with San Diego for the league lead in "the little things". Juan Pierre has been the fifth best base runner in baseball this year, primarily based on his ability to take the extra base whenever the opportunity has presented itself. Despite his injured ankle, Rafael Furcal leads the league in advancing a base on a ground out. All told, the Dodgers have scored almost 10 extra runs based on their ability to take an extra base.

Of course, you have to ask yourself if it was all worth it when the Dodgers base running efforts have netted them a whopping 5.92 runs over the course of the season. Still, the Dodgers wanted speed, they got themselves some speed.