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Monotone Monday

I try to stay away from the word hate as it is used all to frequently in ways that aren't appropriate but my distaste for Rick Mondays radio skills knows no bounds. He has single handily ruined what used to be one of my favorite pastimes.   Listening to the Dodgers on the radio was something that I felt I'd be doing forever.  Since 1969, With Vinny and Jerry guiding me through the trials and tribulations of being a Dodger fan it was my constant companion, whether I was reading, studying, shooting hoops, playing baseball, swimming, hanging by the pool, or growing old it was something I could count on.  As time sped up and Jerry was replaced with Ross Porter and Don Drysdale I was still able to enjoy this sanctuary. I wasn't able to watch the 88 Gibson game but I heard it on the radio as my wife and I circled an underground parking lot lest we lose the reception and it was worth every moment.

Now I feel like I'm stuck with one channel that keeps showing the same horror movie over and over. I know longer pop out to my car after work and turn on the game. What is the point, by the time I get home I'll still be clueless about the score  and I stand a very good chance of getting in an accident as my agitation with his style drives me to distraction,  or his monotone delivery puts me into a coma. I firmly believe that if you are a suicidal Dodger fan that listening to Monday will push you over that edge, except luckily for you, he'll put you to sleep before you can take action.