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The baseball gods are having quite a chuckle at our expense. Ever since La Roche went crazy in AAA we wanted Nomar to sit down or go down so that we could see La Roche at 3rd base and instead of the next great thing we got Shea Homophobe Hillenbrand. Great, just great. Shea is an ex-Giant, so evidently no character issue can be so large that can't be overlooked. I can easily see this team out of the playoff hunt,  playing Shea at 1st base and Nomar at 3b when Nomar comes off the DL. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

Meanwhile,  Wilson Betemit has driven in 8 runs in only 22 ab's since his departure on July 31st.

The Dodgers have scored 15 runs in 7 days and the man who has an OPS of 1571 in those 7 days was sent down to AAA to make room for the biggest malcontent in baseball who had already  been released by the Angels and Padres this year alone.

According to Frank McCourt himself, Ned Colleti is the best hire that he's ever made. If that is true then things are looking blue because incompetence must be running rabid in Chavez Ravine.