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Bad Streak

The Dodgers have lost the last six games I've attended which is the longest losing streak of my life. This is particularly bad because I like to pick games that the Dodgers have a good chance of winning. So I stayed away from the Oswalts and went for the Alberts. This strategy has not been successful lately. Tonight I'm cherry picking Brad Penny as the man to break this losing streak.

Today the Diamondbacks released Kennedy and Kim. It could be, that both those pitchers are better then Tomko/Hendrickson. I'd take a chance on them before I'd pick up the albatross contract of Jose Contreras. I wouldn't mind giving Jose a shot but only if the White Sox eat quite a bit of that salary.

Wilson Betemit played 2nd today for the Yankee's. So in two weeks he's now played every infield position for one of the best teams in baseball. I think that should answer the question that many used to ask if Betemit could play 2nd/SS anymore. I always found it interesting that anyone wondered if Betemit could play 2nd for a team that puts a statue out there on a regular basis. Since Betemit has also stopped hitting and walking,  it may all be a moot point.

Eric Stults is going to pitch Friday against the Rockies. I'll be staying away from that game, no need to start a new losing streak after we win tonight.