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Front Row

My personal losing streak came to an end at six, as friends and I our watched our all-star put the smackdown on the Astro's. Headed into the game it seems like it has just been weeks of bad news but with one uplifting victory, all of my Dodger grumpiness fell from my shoulders.

Juan Pierre hit the ball all over the field, Gonzo had his 1st multi hit game since July 23rd, and Matt Kemp contributed a couple of hits, and more importantly survived another collision with the RF wall. Penny was giving up hits all over the place but kept the damage to a minimum and turned it over to the bullpen, which went into shutdown mode just like Ned envisioned it when he traded our bench for middle relief.

My normal seats are out by the foul pole in the loge, but when it comes to midweek games I'm on the prowl, and can usually end up with seats behind home plate. I've been even luckier lately as we've been able to secure front row seats by the 6th inning, as we've learned to quickly identify the front row fans with infants and we sit as close as we can to them, knowing they will be leaving sooner then anyone else. For some reason the game just seems a little more enjoyable in the front row, whether it is way down by the foul pole or right behind home plate.  The meek may inherit the earth, but they will never have front row seats unless they pay for them.